Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Baby Silicone Doll(Wishes and dreams)

Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Baby Silicone Doll(Wishes and dreams)

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The reborn baby girl or boy is beyond precious and breathtakingly lifelike in every sweet, handcrafted detail! She/he is ready to be cradled, cared for and unconditionally loved the moment she/he arrives on your doorstep.

Weight:about 1150g
Size: about 18 inches
Material: Cotton Body,3/4 Vinyl Arms and 3/4 Vinyl Legs
Eye Color - Brown
Soft Faux Mohair - a very delicate type of hair that is gently applied to collectible baby dolls and glued in place. It gives a very realistic infant hair look. It is not meant to be combed. It can be patted in place with a clean slightly damp cloth and gently styled with your fingers - much like a real infant.

The realistic baby doll that look like a real baby.Each baby doll is handcrafted in unbelievably soft Flex Touch vinyl, featuring faux mohair, hand-applied eyelashes, and hand-painted lips, finger and toenails. This Flex Touch vinyl technology helps him or her feel just like a real baby.He/She is waiting for you to take him/her home.

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